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Resources to Tell the Story of The Legacy Fund:

Ways to Give to the Legacy Fund

  • Make a gift to the Legacy Fund through your local unit United Methodist Women treasurer.
  • Use our Western North Carolina Legacy Fund Commitment Form
  • Online on the national office website at unitedmethodistwomen.org/legacyfund
  • By phone: 800-278-7771 (8 am-6pm EST, M-F)
  • Text Legacy150 to 41444
  • By check: note "Legacy Fund" in memo and mail to: United Methodist Women, Treasurer's Office 15th Floor, 475 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10115
  • Other methods include gifts of stock, life insurance, bequests, and other forms of planned giving. If you are interested in making a gift like this, contact the national office at 800-278-7771.

Why Should I give to the Legacy Fund?

Think back on your personal awe of those 8 women who came together in Boston and started this audacious undertaking....a small beginning that became a movement that has changed thousands of lives for the better.

If only we could do something so momentous??

The Legacy Fund is an opportunity for each of us to step into the shoes of one of those original 8 ladies in Boston...to BE one of them...who decided something needed to be done and did it.

This is our opportunity to take those same steps, this time to assure that the ongoing mission they started and others have furthered will continue and prosper well into the future

This is something we should rush to do, to provide gladly...to celebrate the opportunity and thank those who conceived of it.

Nancy Reigel

Conference Treasurer, Western North Carolina Conference United Methodist Women

United Methodist Women

Celebrating 150 Years: 1869-2019

United Methodist Women are launching a 5-year time of study, reflection, action and giving as we anticipate the 150th anniversary of our founding, and plan for continued ministries with women, children and youth in the decades beyond.

The Women’s Foreign Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church was organized by eight women, in Boston, March 23rd, 1869. Within a few weeks they had written a Purpose, adopted bylaws, voted to print and distribute a ‘paper’(now called response magazine), organized a dozen new societies in near-by churches, and pledged money to support two single women missionaries in India: Isabella Thoburn (a teacher) and Clara Swain (a doctor). The women sailed in December, 1869; and started a class for girls and small clinic for women immediately upon arrival. Today Isabella Thoburn College and Clara Swain Hospital continue as significant 21st century ministries.


The Legacy Fund

The Legacy Fund is a key component of the celebration, a permanent endowment of the national office of United Methodist Women. Its purpose is to ensure the work of United Methodist Women for the next 150 years. Interest earned by this fund will be added to the undesignated pledge-giving of members.

To enhance this Fund, each member of United Methodist Women is challenged to contribute an annual gift of $18.69 (in addition to her pledge). There are multiple easy and fun ways to achieve this goal.

Retired deaconesses and missionaries at Brooks-Howell Home who served under appointment of the Women’s Division have contributed $100,000+ as a challenge gift.

Resources Are Available:

  1. January, 2015 issue of response magazine.
  2. “Acting for Racial Justice” (March, 2015, 2014-2015 Program Book, p 57).

Written by Barbara E. Campbell, Deaconess, retired staff of the Women's Division, and resident of Brooks Howell Home in Asheville, North Carolina.

Legacy Fund Pledge Card & FAQ

150th Anniversary of United Methodist Women

March 23, 2019, will mark 150 years of women in mission. We will celebrate our strong foundation and we will prepare for the next 150 years so our daughters, granddaughters, nieces and sisters in Christ can continue our legacy of faith, hope and love in action.

2015 begins a five year path to that 150th Anniversary celebration, during which we will challenge every single member of United Methodist Women to join in legacy we will leave for the next 150 years.

YOU are a critical and important part of the celebration!

Watch for more information...in our conference news, district news, and at conference & district events!

Western North Carolina Conference United Methodist Women - Conference Legacy Campaign / 150th Anniversary Committee:

Would you like to join our team? Contact Lynne Gilbert!


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