United Methodist Women - Western North Carolina Conference

Turning faith, hope and love into action on behalf of women, children and youth around the world

Who We Are



If you set yourself down in the middle of North Carolina, then head West, you'll undoubtedly run into some United Methodist Women of the Western North Carolina Conference. We have members in over 750 local units across the conference. Those local units include units of all sizes...from units found in small, rural churches, to units found in large, urban churches. And, our membership is intergenerational, from exciting new circles for elementary age girls and high school & college young women...to circles that include long time members age 100+, and everything in between! No matter the size of the local unit, or the age of its members, ALL represent women ORGANIZED FOR MISSION, and committed to the PURPOSE of United Methodist Women.

United Methodist Women is a community of women, whose PURPOSE is:

to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ;

to develop a creative, supportive fellowship;

and to expand concepts of mission through participation

in the global ministries of the church.

We welcome new members, and new local units, and are always excited to share about the many ways that United Methodist Women are involved in mission...making a difference, every day, in the lives of women, children and youth...around the world, and in our own communities. If you would like more information about United Methodist Women in the Western North Carolina Conference, contact any of the conference officers, or the district president from your area. Each of those officers is willing to help!

Click the map to look up a local church on the Western North Carolina Conference Administrative Services website.


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