United Methodist Women - Western North Carolina Conference

Turning faith, hope and love into action on behalf of women, children and youth around the world

Conference Officers / Executive Committee for 2019

“Christian freedom involves commitment. Jesus used the example of the yoke. You don’t put a yoke on an animal as a burden. The yoke is the means by which the energy of the animal connects with the load that needs to be moved. Commitment in the community, to other people for the sake of Christ, is the yoke which connects the power of our individual experience of salvation and freedom to the load that needs to be moved, that is, to do God’s work of justice, compassion and love in the world.”   Peggy Billings, Acting Out Our Conversion

The following women have taken on the yoke of officer for the Western North Carolina Conference. Their yoke of commitment will enable them to use the gifts and graces that God has given them, to connect with the load of God’s work in this world.


Elected & Appointed Conference Officers


Mission Coordinators:

Other Elected Officers:

  • Secretary of Program Resources:  Sibyl Long, Charlotte, NC
  • Communications Coordinator: Lisa Bacon, Sylva, NC
  • Chairperson, Committee on NominationsMartha Phillips, Linville Falls, NC

Appointed Officers:

Other Executive Committee Members:

  • Webmaster / Social Media / Legacy Liaison:  Lynne Gilbert, Greensboro, NC
  • United Methodist Women Program Advisory Group (2016-2020):  Dixie Liggett, Asheville, NC
  • Resident Bishop:  Bishop Paul M. Leeland, Charlotte, NC

Young Adult United Methodist Women Task Force:

District Presidents
Committee on Nominations

ChairpersonMartha Phillips (2020), Linville Falls, NC


Mission u Officers

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