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Mission Today

Become a Mission Today Unit!!

The purpose of promoting a Mission Today Unit is to:

Energize United Methodist Women to be more involved in mission through prayer, study and action. Increase contacts between units and mission personnel and mission projects so the United Methodist Women understand where their money goes. Encourage the use of mission resources through United Methodist Women. Expand concepts of mission, including social justice as mission.

What is a Unit?

A unit is any organized group of United Methodist Women within a church or district. Some units are composed of several circles, which periodically get together for a unit meeting.

How Do We Become a Mission Today Unit?

In order to be recognized as a Mission Today Unit, UMW groups must complete a minimum of twelve of the following criteria, including seven of those marked with an asterisk (*). #1 of the Criteria is not optional. You must complete this one to become a Mission Today Unit! Activities conducted between January 1-December 31, 2018, will be recognized at annual meetings in 2019.
This is an ongoing program, so strive to become a Mission Today Unit!


*1. The Unit will make and meet its Pledge to Mission. (Must be completed.)

*2. The unit will use the Prayer Calendar at each general meeting or circle meeting of the unit to pray for persons in mission and our mission work with women, children and youth. A new Prayer Calendar is printed each year and may be ordered from the Mission Resource Center.

*3. The unit will use at least two programs from the Program Book during the year. A new Program Book is printed every year and may be ordered from the Mission Resource Center.

*4. The unit or circle will conduct or participate in at least one mission study each year. Contact your district or conference Mission Coordinator for Education & Interpretation to learn what the studies are for each year. (If members of your unit attend the conference Mission u or your District Mission Study and your unit takes an action growing out of the study, Gift to Mission, ministry related to the study, etc., your unit will meet this criteria.)

*5. The unit will have at least two members subscribing to response (1 member subscribing with units less than 15
members; Local unit subscription may count as one.) Order information is available at right. $24.00 for a
one year print subscription (includes digital subscription); $20 for a one year digital only subscription.

*6. The unit will implement the Charter for Racial Justice in at least two ways during the year. Possibilities are:
a. Have members read and discuss books and articles about other races and cultures;
b. Sponsor or attend an interethnic event between two or more units;
c. Intentionally recruit women of other ethnic groups to be members and officers of the unit;
d. Use the “Resources for Racial Justice: Tools for UMW Leaders” handbook. (Available on our conference website on the “Downloads Available” page, and on the “Mission Today” page.)
e. Write to elected representatives to support legislation affecting issues such as immigration, affirmative action, low-income programs, civil rights, etc.

*7. The unit will become a member of the Western North Carolina UMW Justice Today. See link to info on Justice Today
at our conference website, www.wnccumw.org/social-action. Scroll down to "Justice Today 2018."

*8. The unit will add at least two new members (one member for units with less than 15 members) to its roll.

*9. The unit will have one program from the Social Principles of the United Methodist Church 2017-2020.

*10. The unit will contribute to all Five Channels of Mission Giving.

*11. The UMW Purpose will be recited at each general and/or circle meeting.

*12. The unit will contribute $186.90 or more to the Legacy Fund.

13. At least one member of the unit will attend Mission u and report back to the unit on classes and events they experienced.

14. At least two members (one member for units with less than 15 members) will attend the district or conference annual meeting and report back to the unit about the event and what they experienced.

15. The unit will have at least one person joining the United Methodist Women’s Action Network to receive and respond to legislative information at least three (3) times a year. (To join, contact the United Methodist Women Washington Office, 100 Maryland Avenue NE, Room 100, Washington, DC 20002. Phone #: 202-488-5660. Email: csad@unitedmethodistwomen.com (Attach to Mission Today report the action that was taken and to which issue.)

16. Members will correspond with five persons listed in the Prayer Calendar at least once a year.

17. The unit will co-sponsor, with the local church, a Children’s Sabbath. (This is a worship service highlighting the needs of children.) The United Methodist Women National Office and the Council of Bishops support this effort. Children’s Sabbath materials are on our website.

18. Each unit or circle meeting will include a “response Moment” where an item from response magazine will be lifted
up as a way to tell the mission story.

19. The unit will sponsor one teen member (ages 12 to 17) and/or one young woman member (ages 18 to 39) to at least
one conference event during the year.

20. At least two members (one member for units with less than 15 members) will attend a district Prayer Breakfast,
district Day Apart, conference Spiritual Growth Retreat, or any other special district or conference event other than
Ubuntu Day.

21. At least two members (one member for units with less than 15 members) will participate in an Ubuntu Day Event.

22. At least two members (one member for units with less than 15 members) will complete Plan 1 of the Reading
Program and give a report to the unit on one of the books read.

23. The unit will invite a district or conference officer, other than a member of the unit, to one of the unit meetings during
the year and/or for their United Methodist Women’s Sunday. This Qualifies as a Local Unit Visit (LUV).

24. The unit will add one new teen (ages 12 to 17) and/or one young woman (ages 18 to 39) circle during the year, or
one new teen member (ages 12 to 17) or one new young woman member (ages 18 to 39) during the year.

25. 100% of the unit's active members will make a gift of at least $18.69 to the Legacy Fund.

26. The unit with accomplish the 2018 Conference Financial Goal, of increasing membership by 5%.

27. Each unit will be responsible for supporting at least one local mission project and participate in one Conference
Hands-on Mission Project during the year. The local project should be listed on your Mission Today report.

Be a Mission Today Unit!


Updated December 2017


Mission Today Criteria 2018

Links to Resources

United Methodist Women Mission Resources
Website: www.umwmissionresources.org
UMW Mission Resources, 1650 Bluegrass Lakes Parkway, Alpharetta, GA 30004;
Phone: 1-800-305-9857 (toll-free); Fax: (770)280-0061; e-mail: cs@umwmissionresources.org

Magazine Circulation (For Response & New World Outlook): Toll Free 1-877-881-2385 • FAX: 1-845-267-3478
Magazines with a Mission • PO Box 395 • Congers, NY 10920-0395


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