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Tonya Lanier

Tonya Lanier

Conference President

Email Tonya Home: 336-243-1361 Cell: 336-470-1100

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Celebrating 150 Years (1869-2019)

Webster defines legacy as “something handed down to another.” What a wonderful thing to do. While it is not something that we think or talk about all the time, it is an issue that should be given some thought. What will you leave behind? The question is not whether you will leave a legacy but what that legacy will be. Usually when people pass away there is a huge focus on the things they owned.... who gets this trinket or who gets that knick-knack. The idea of handing down values or ideas or mission is a totally new way to look at it. I would like to inject a connection with giving, mission, and United Methodist Women. If we love this organization like we so eloquently display, let’s preserve it for years to come. There is magic in the connection. We are bridging generations of United Methodist Women. The Legacy Fund is a forward thinking permanent endowment with income dedicated to strengthening our organization. It does not have to be complicated. The Legacy Fund is a way to celebrate, honor, memorialize, educate, challenge, invest, secure and so much more!
  • Give a donation to honor your UMW shero!
  • Host a birthday party for the most senior lady in your unit - no gifts, collect funds and donate in her honor to the Legacy Fund
  • New birth, make a special contribution to the Legacy Fund to celebrate
  • Honor a favorite UMW sister with the $18.69 contribution
  • Host a Legacy Sunday - learn more about giving - everyone donates toward fund
  • Host Legacy Fund Fun - a night or evening of family fun activities - donations go toward the Legacy Fund
Our conference is off to a great start. The Executive Committee and others have already made contributions. While this is over and above our pledge and beyond our other UMW financial obligations, giving to The Legacy Fund is so doable. If we love United Methodist Women like we say we do, we should secure its future. What will your legacy be, a dazzling crystal vase, a stunning mink stole or monies to make mission possible in the life of children, women and youth around the world? Thanks for allowing me to serve as your conference president. I am just an email, telephone call or note away. I would love to hear from you. Blessings, Tonya Lanier, Conference President United Methodist Women Western North Carolina Conference
Photo taken at Memorial United Methodist Church on Sunday, December 21, 2014. From left to right:  Yvette Richards – National President, Tonya Lanier – Conference President, Lynn Alexander – Northern Piedmont District President, Avis Mason – Memorial UMC Local Unit President

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