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Legacy Fund / 150 Anniversary

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Legacy Fund?
  • A key element of the 150th Anniversary celebration in 2019.
  • A designated fund (endowment) of the national office of United Methodist Women. (Only interest can be expended.)
What is the Purpose of the Legacy Fund?
  • To assure the continuation of ministries with women, children and youth, worldwide, into the next 150 years.
  • To enable United Methodist Women to respond more adequately to new and emerging needs.
  • To minimize the risk of severe budget fluctuation in years of recession, regional financial crisis, or change in giving by the membership.
How with the funds be used?
  • The total program of United Methodist Women is mission. Interest from The Legacy Fund will be added to Mission Giving funds to formulate the national budget of United Methodist Women. (Mission Giving is the largest source of that budget which includes grants to National Mission Institutions such as the Bethlehem Centers in Charlotte and Winston-Salem, international programs and projects, program resource production, training, and more.)
Why should I give to the Legacy Fund?
  • The Legacy Fund is OUR special anniversary gift to future United Methodist Women members and ministries.
  • To “pass on” the legacy we have inherited. “To stake out our legacy for future generations.” (January 2015 response, page 3). Isabella Thoburn College, Lucknow, India, is an outgrowth of the work of the first missionary of our organization. The College motto is: “We Receive to Give.”
  • Because we believe in the PURPOSE of United Methodist Women and want our daughters, granddaughters, nieces and friends to share our sense of meaningful “sisterhood.”
  • To be part of the joyous celebration in 2019 culminating 150 years of ministry.
How does the money get to the National Office?
  • Gifts are given to the local treasurer who sends the Legacy Fund money and commitment cards to the District treasurer following regular procedures. There is a line on the local treasurer Remittance form for The Legacy Fund.
Does a Legacy Fund gift count for the individual or Unit Pledge to Mission Giving?
  • No. This is a special additional gift to celebrate the 150th anniversary. In fact, it is critical that we sustain and even increase our Pledge to Mission Giving during this five year campaign; the needs have never been greater.
How do we give? Annually? All at once? What about non-cash gifts?
  • Each person can determine her schedule of giving; any schedule is appropriate.
  • Non-cash gifts of stock, property, life insurance, etc., can be given through the United Methodist Women National Office. Contact the Treasurer’s office at 212-870-3740.
How do I get a Legacy 150 pin?
  • When you turn in a Commitment Card, you will receive a pin at your district annual meeting.

Legacy Fund Pledge Card & FAQ

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