Radicals in our Church

By Rev. Dan Martin, Senior Pastor West Market Street United Methodist Church Greensboro, North Carolina September 10, 2015 Let me tell you of a group within our church. This is a radical group of game and culture changers. This group is all volunteer requiring no assistance from our church, they are internationally involved in the lives of millions and they network with grassroots programs advocating wellness and justice. This group offers grants to agencies that fight human trafficking, and they offer spiritual growth in the name of Jesus Christ to all who are a member. This group also advocates for climate justice, maternal and child health, racial and gender justice, and economic equality. The guiding force behind the work of this group is the Social Principles of the United Methodist Church. You can be a member of this group and be a real game changer in our world. The group is called the United Methodist Women and the members of our local group read and study the issues that plague our world, touch the lives of nameless individuals all around the world, support each other in prayer and growth, and are a vital world changer where devastation occurs. Be a world changer and disciple of Jesus Christ. Join the United Methodist Women.  
From Lynne Gilbert: I had a special thing happen last week that I just have to share. I was accused by my pastor of being part of a group of radicals in the church! And, I have to say...it felt so good, it made me teary eyed! In telling our story as United Methodist Women, and living out our PURPOSE, we all know it can be a powerful thing to have the full support of our congregation, and especially of our pastors. Our new pastor, Rev. Dan Martin, wrote these words and shared them with our entire congregation in his email news article last Thursday. He titled it Radicals in our Church, and when I called him to thank him, he told me how much he appreciates the work of United Methodist Women, and he graciously agreed to allow me to share it. WOW! Two little paragraphs, but a bold endorsement and telling of the story of United Methodist Women. We ARE a group of bold, radical change agents in the church and in our world...and we have been that since our very beginnings in 1869. May we be bold and challenging as we tell our story, and as we invite others to join us in turning faith, hope and love into action on behalf of women, children and youth around the world. Lynne Gilbert, Director, United Methodist Women National Office Report to Western North Carolina Conference United Methodist Women September 12, 2015

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