Conference Vision 2017:

Growing as a community of women who are one in Christ

Living the Vision - In an effort to fully realize our Conference Vision we encourage each United Methodist Women member to:

  1. Be intentional. Be purposeful. Be a mentor.
  2. Make a friend, be a friend, bring a friend.
  3. Be welcoming, be open to each other’s needs and remove barriers.
  4. Listen, listen, listen! Let ALL voices be heard.
  5. Accept, understand, change and surrender.
  6. Try new things - don’t be afraid to fail in new programs, events and endeavors.
  7. Give ownership.
  8. What’s the value? Find what matters – including but not limited to; the reading program, social action, hands-on-mission, spiritual growth, leadership development…
  9. Share all you can, learn all you can, give all you can
  10. Be authentic in your efforts
  11. Be “Limitless” (mentor, empower and let go.

Download a PDF - 2017 Conference Vision


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